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Cassette Series, 2011-2015

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Cassette Series ran 2011-2015. Packaging was key. Hostage Pageant's "Abuse Generator came with Braille on the tape labels, and the Utarm/Sadness Saturn tape came in a white O card with a rusted razor blade glued to the front.

Swamp Horse "Winter Ghost"

Hostage Pageant "Abuse Generator"

Terminator 2 "S/T"

Jason Zeh "Polarity"

How I Quit Crack "Dystopian Gift"

Jazzfinger "Destroyed Form"

Jackie O Motherfucker "Hello"

JS Aurelius "Slime of the Chasm"

Servile Sect "Svrrender"

Mowlawner "Chorus of Plague and Perversity"

S/V\R "Celebration Noire"

Utarm / Sadness Saturn

Sadness Saturn / Golden Raven

Demian Johnston "If They Even Find Me"

German Army "Clan Chieftains"

Horseback/Njiqahdda/Venowl/Cara Neir

Kevin Hufnagel "Kleines Biest"

Helena Hauff "A Tape" and Soren Roi "Flood Out" were also cassettes, but released in the Handmade Beats series.


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