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About Handmade Birds

Established in 2010 and curated by Rich Loren Balling (Pyramids, Sailors With Wax Wings, White Moth, Hospital Gown, TSOAF). Handmade Birds artists are bound by an affinity for textural composition and an appreciation for tangible media. The label released 73 artifacts between 2011-2015, channeled in four series: Dark Icons Series, White Label Series, Cassette Series, and the label proper, with subdivisions Handmade Beats and Handmade Books to help support a vast and varied output.  The first release was Celestiial "Desolate North".  From 2011-2015 the majority of layout, graphic, and packaging design was done by Joe Beres (Small Doses), and all releases were distributed exclusively by Thrill Jockey. 2023 marks a new era for the label with a new carefully curated line: the Critical Fabric.Series Details will unfold in the News section of this website, which will be the sole source for official information online, for all things Handmade Birds, Critical Fabric, and R. Loren's newest project SOFFFIALOREN. 

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